More About Neph

In addition to Bughouse, Chess, & Trumpet, I’m also involved with other activities, such as playing ping pong, comedy, and driving my G35 in the streets of Houston :)

Ping Pong

This is a game I’d love to get much better at.  Currently, there is one video on my YouTube page (see link under the “Biography” tab) of me playing at one of the Thursday meetup spots in Houston.  For me, it’s great fun to play ping pong (although I dislike tennis!).  Despite my average abilities, I’ve somehow managed to finish high in various collegiate tournaments, and have also represented colleges at  regional competitions. ^_^

Neph’s water of choice

Stand-up Comedy

Recently I’ve gotten involved again with Stand-up Comedy & also enjoy going to comedy clubs from time to time.  A good friend of mine is an aspiring comedian from Houston and some of his material can be found on my YouTube page.  My favorite Comedy Clubs in Houston include: Laff Stop (former home of the best Open Mic night in Houston), Comedy Showcase, and The Improv.