Alex Lenderman

Below is the verbatim email I received from Alex Lenderman (chess Grandmaster) after winning the 2009 U.S. Team East Bughouse Championship. He is one of the top 20 chess players in the United States.

Dear Neph:
My name is Alex Lenderman(GM), and I was Abby Marshall’s partner when we playd your team just recently at Amateurs, when yuo played with Shin. I heard you wrote a bughouse book and I realized you’re just phenomenal in the game. Normally I ignore that, as I don’t take this game as seriously, but I still would like to know the secrets because to me, to be U2000 player and be teh best player of the country or one of the best in a variation of chess is still absolutely incredible. What I’d like to do possibly if you’d be interested is to exchange some chess lessons for some bughouse lessons. Maybe, you can also send me the book as well if I give enough lessons. But again that’s if you want. Please let me know.


Trent Goins

(November 2010)

I’ve been taking chess lessons with Neph for about eight months now and I’ve noticed an incredible improvement. Neph is a fantastic teacher and constantly makes sure to keep with your skill level and help you improve. My rating has improved and I’m noticing things in chess that I would have never noticed before without Neph. He’s a great friend and a great teacher and his lessons are well worth the cost.

Mary Beth Hudson

(December 2010)

After watching Neph teach my son chess, I am very impressed and would recommend him to anyone. He is an excellent teacher – very thorough, clear, and direct. His style of teaching is a great match for my style of learning. He is very flexible in working with us – meeting with us at Randalls and adjusting to our schedule when things came up.
Thanks again for the excellent lessons.

Gabe Rodriguez

(December 29, 2011)

I have been taking lessons from Neph and he has helped me so much in the music. He is very patient and knows what he is doing for his student to be successful and achieve greatly. If anybody needs a chess or trumpet teacher Neph is the right guy to go to.

Theresa Staley

(January 3, 2012)

Neph is an awesome instructor. My son used him and really learned a lot fast.

Jesus Rodriguez

(January 22, 2012)

Hi my name is Jesus Rodriguez and I play the trumpet in a Mariachi band. Neph has helped me improve my music reading skills. I certainly recommend him!

Scott Reeves

(April 27, 2012)

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Neph for many years now. Neph played in my church orchestra in Houston, TX. He’s a fine young man with lots of talent. if you are looking for a trumpet instructor or a fill-in player, I would highly recommend him!

Dianne Hastings

(May 9, 2012)

Fantastic Trumpet Player!!! I have known Neph for several years. He used to play on Sundays at our church Fairmont Central Baptist Church. He also played with my string quartet at a wedding. It sounded awesome! I recommended him to one of my former students for him to give her lessons on trumpet. She tells me that he is very helpful and makes her strive to be a better trumpet player.

Elena Parmer

(May 10, 2012)

I have known Neph for a number of years through church and school. Neph is the same age as my son and I have had the honor of hearing them play trumpets together. Neph is a very accomplished musician and I enjoy hearing him perform very much!

William Bybel

(August, 2012)

After I read Neph’s Book on BugHouse especially the way he tries to look at the board and understand how to see what needs to be done during a BugHouse game I became 2 times stronger and can now lift 200lbs over my head. I recommend this book to anyone who is a weak player if you want to be not only chess strong but crazy superman strength in a chess variant. I couldn’t see the board correctly until I read that chapter of the Bughouse Book but. Now I have X-ray vision and can set my opponents on fire during the game from a single stare. That is how powerful his book is. I can fly from seat to seat and can even be my own partner now. Soon I might be able to even challenge Neph for Bughouse Master but that may still be a longshot. Neph, thank you for the wonderful words and inspirational knowledge you have given me.

Karthik Ramachandran

(February, 2014)

I took a Bughouse class with Neph, and I can honestly say that it is one of the most productive lessons I have had in any field. Neph’s emphasis on practical knowledge for his students was a true differentiator, and his patience, thorough explanations for all my questions ensured that my understanding increased throughout the lesson. I’ll definitely come back for more lessons, and he has my utmost endorsement as a Bughouse instructor.

Austin Haag

(May, 2016)

I’ve never been a very strong player at chess, and really never considered playing at the competitive level. Thus, when I began my lessons, I was hesitant to commit too much resources in this “hobby”. However, Neph did a fantastic job teaching me the game, and reinvigorated my love and appreciation for chess. Moreover, his easy demeanor and deep knowledge of the game directly resulted in my vast improvement. In only a short time, I went from a constant rating of 1500s to 1900s! His lessons, being the only variable that changed, are directly responsible for this improvement, and I highly recommend him! Just try his lessons. You will NOT regret it!